At the top of any page of the website click on “offers”. Click the “Add New Offer” button. Type in your offer in the “offer” field and any additional information desired in the “offer description/terms and conditions” field. If applicable, type in the max dollar value of the offer in the “Max Dollar” field. Choose a “start date” and “end date” for when the offer will be made available and then removed from the mobile application. Choose “Max use per user” and type in the number of times each individual consumer may use the offer. If you wish the offer to be “unlimited”, do not type anything in this field. If you have more than one location participating in the system, you may then choose the locations you wish to participate in the offering.
Yes. You have the ability to specify times and dates on offerings that you personally upload to the system. You simply choose a start date and time to have the coupon/offer go live and an end date and time of when to have the coupon/offer removed from the mobile application. The system is set to automatically perform these tasks.
Max per user is a limitation on how many times a person may redeem your offer. If you have created a high value offer to drive new consumer traffic, you may choose to have each potential customer have access to the offer a limited number of times. For unlimited offers leave this section blank.
After you create your own offer, it may be edited. In order to edit an offer you will need to locate the offer you want to change and click on the offer. Clicking into an offer will take you to the same page as adding an offer with all the relevant data still on the page. You may then change whatever you like. Make sure to update the offer or the changes you made will not be saved.
Offers are searchable by the name of the offer. If, for example, you have an offer that is named “buy one sandwich and get 2nd one free with purchase of a drink” you will have to search for that specific offer. Once the offer comes up, you may make any changes that you would like.
On the right side of the page in the offer section there is a delete button. Click the delete button and confirm the delete of the offer to remove it from the system. The offer will then be deleted from the mobile app.
The offers that are locked will be offers created by Manage My Own representatives for specific programs agreed upon with the offering merchant. These are offers that may have been agreed to in writing for school fundraisers and any other program that was previously discussed and documented by Manage My Own and the participating merchant that have a predetermined time set for expiration. Merchants may also create and lock offers for specific locations that the location “User” (store manager) may not change.
On the top of the screen there is a bar that is across the entire screen, click on the “offers” tab to open up the offers page.
Offers are redeemed from the consumer user’s personal mobile device. The user presents the provided coupon, or offer, to the receiving employee, and then clicks “Redeem Coupon”. The user then is prompted to “Confirm Redemption”. The user confirms and then a large red “Coupon Redeemed” appears on the screen with the corresponding unique redemption code and a time and date stamp. The employee then provides the appropriate offer as specified. A redemption report is then sent to you each month so that you may review the redemptions received for each specific offering.
The system controls the number of redemptions a specific consumer user may have based on your input for “Max per user”. If you specify, for example, that a specific consumer user may only use a coupon once, the system will remove the offer from that consumer’s offer database once the offer is redeemed. The same consumer would then have no ability to use the same offer again at an additional location—as the offer would be removed from all locations after the single redemption.
Yes. After someone redeems a coupon, the offer has a time limit of 12 hours before it can be used again. This will prevent the offer from being shared between individuals. A time stamp shows when an offer was redeem and a counter shows how long before it can be used again.
At the top of any page of the website click on “Locations”. Click the “Add New Location” button. Fill in the location name (the name by which you wish to identify the location). Fill in the address fields located at the bottom of the map. Choose the logo image you want to show up on the mobile app (see next FAQ for help with this operation). Your location name will not show on the mobile application. Your company name will show the same as on the main location with the new address and GPS coordinates. You are not required to add a “User” to the new location to begin including the location for uploading offers. If you choose to add a “User” to the location, the “User” account must first be set up.
The Merchant will have access to all locations under the initial company organization to add, monitor and control offers. If a location “User” (store manager) is invited to participate in creating offers for the new location, he/she will have access to viewing reports and creating offers for the specific location and will have no access to any other location. The Merchant has the authority to remove any invited “User” (store manager) from having access to a given location. Any “User” (store manager) no longer employed by the Merchant should immediately be removed from having access to the location operations.
Yes. Only the coupons that were redeemed have a time limit on the next usage of the offer. You may protect against multiple offers being used by the same consumer in the same day by specifying in “Offer Details/Terms and Conditions” that only ‘one offer per day’ may be used by the same customer.
Private networks are closed groups of consumer users of the 2for1 mobile app. Private networks may include businesses, service organizations, hospitals, teachers, military personnel, fundraising supporters, etc… You may provide specific offers for any, or all of these private network groups. For example, you may wish to provide special offers to teachers during teacher appreciate week, or to veterans during Veterans Day, Memorial Day, or 4th of July week. Only the groups you target may see your offers. We do our best to control the memberships to these groups, but we cannot always control any outsiders that may have been brought in by group members, or by inaccurate, or falsely provided information.
If you have any offers tied to a location it will not let you remove your location. This includes offers uploaded by Manage My Own for fundraisers or any other agreement made between Manage My Own and the merchant for offers with preset expirations. If you have questions about a location that is participating in a locked-offer agreement with offers negotiated with Manage My Own please contact us at support@managemyown.com, or by phone at (801) 765-7555 Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
No. The location name is used for simply identifying a new location. The company name will show on the mobile application along with the logo(s) you upload for each participating location. Only one company logo would normally be uploaded for all locations of the same business.
Yes. When you add a location to the management portal, you will be charged a new location setup fee of $50 and a monthly maintenance fee of $50. By adding a location, you agree to accept these terms and understand that you will be bound by all other terms previously agreed to in the site user agreement and privacy policy and the authorized “subscription service” agreement.
Merchants may add “Users” (store managers) under their accounts and tie them to specific locations they may manage. A “User” (store manager) may be added by choosing “Users” at the top of the page and then by clicking on “Add New User” on the “Users” page. The name of the new store manager to be added should be typed in followed by the store manager’s email address. Once you have added a store manager, he/she will receive an email from Manage My Own with an invitation to become a participating store manager. The store manager will have to accept the invitation from Manage My Own and set their own password. Once the store manager has accepted the invite and set up an account, the merchant may then add the store manager to a location.
In order to add a “User” (store manager) to a location you will need to have added them into your system by sending them an invitation to Manage My Own through the “Add New User” section. Once a new “User” (store manager) has been added, you may then give them access to a specific location. This is accomplished through selecting a location to edit and then adding the new “User” (store manager) to the location. If the location is not yet added, the location must first be added before the “User” (store manager) can be given access.
On the locations screen click on the specific location you wish to edit. You may then make any desired changes to the specific location.
Yes. Monthly reports are sent via email to each Merchant and to “Users” (store managers), who have been invited to have access to their specific locations.
Monthly reports include redemption information for all issued coupons. Redemption data is separated by offer and by location to help you better gauge what offers have worked the best for you at each participating location.
Manage My Own already has planned for specific new features and options to be added to the management portal and to the mobile application within the next six months. The set goal is to have new features and options added to the system at least twice annually. We are listening to you and would love to hear from you on how we can make the system more effective for you. Feel free to contact us anytime at office@managemyown.com.
Some merchants own different businesses with different company names. The company you choose will be the company that will show up on the app.))))))))))))))))))))))))))—we only include this, if a business can set up multiple business accounts