About Us

Our mission is to use digital technologies to empower businesses to build relationships with their consumers. As businesses develop these relationships, we’ll help them add value to their companies and increase patronage by giving them an easy-to-use digital platform to send targeted promotions, discounts, and incentives to their customers whenever they want.

ManageMyOwn, Inc. was organized to provide businesses with a new system that empowers owners and managers to take control of their own digital incentive marketing campaigns. Business owners and managers may directly connect with local consumers using the 2for1 mobile app through public and multiple private consumer networks to improve targeted marketing options. This system allows business owners and managers to take advantage of a broader base of marketing options. They’ll be able to reach many more potential customers and elevate their marketing strategies while enjoying complete control over how and when they market.

How it Works

The ManageMyOwn marketing system provides business owners and managers with a personalized portal on a mobile platform that allows them to create and distribute digital offers in real-time to their chosen audience.

The system includes an easy-to-use online user interface, a project dashboard, redemption reports, and the ability to provide almost any type of mobile incentive offer. Business owners and managers will have complete control over discount percentages, types of offerings, offer quantities, offer functionality, time controls on offers, and wording of offers.

Businesses can target mobile incentive offers to a public network and multiple private networks through the companion 2for1 mobile app. Owners and managers may choose between these networks of consumers, create mobile incentive offers to deliver through the chosen networks, monitor the success of each incentive marketing campaign, and make adjustments to improve marketing effectiveness.

Multiple locations may be added to each account, and store managers can be invited at any time to participate in the system, to access reports, and to create offers for their individual stores.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is that we will continually work to increase opportunities for our clients to develop relationships with the consumers locally and that we will continually seek ways to enhance the marketing system to insure success in achieving marketing goals. We also commit ourselves to listening to our clients to help us improve our system and user experience. After all, client success and satisfaction is our main goal.